Opportunities for Undergrads

If you are an undergraduate at Queen's University, interested in a long term plan leading to graduate studies in virology, here is a potential scenario:
  • Apply for a volunteer position in a virology lab during the university term
  • Apply for a NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA) for a summer position in a virology lab
  • Register in Micr499 to conduct your fourth year research project in a virology lab (you are only allowed to take one project course in Life Sciences)
  • Register in Micr451 or Micr452, major undergraduate virology courses
  • In the Fall of your fourth year, apply for a national scholarship (NSERC or CIHR) or provincial (OGS)
  • In the winter of your fourth year, apply for entrance into our graduate program (if your grades are exceptional, you may be eligible for direct acceptance into a PhD program)
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Please note that I am no longer accepting new graduate students.


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Updated: 2017 04 18