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  1. M. Bossert and E. B. Carstens (2018)  Sequential deletion of AcMNPV homologous regions leads to reductions in budded virus production and late protein expression. Virus Research 256: 125-133. 
  2. G Gueli Alletti, E. B. Carstens, B. Weihrauch, and JA Jehle (2018) Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus but not Agrotis segetum granulovirus replicate in AiE1611T cell line of Agrotis ipsilon J. Invert. Path.151:7-13
  3. G Gueli Alletti, M Eigenbrod, E. B. Carstens, RG Kleespies, and JA Jehle   (2017) The genome sequence of Agrotis segetum granulovirus, isolate AgseGV-DA, reveals a new Betabaculovirus species of a slow killing granulovirus. J. Invert. Path. 146:58-68
  4. Eugene Koonin , Mya Breitbart , Mike Adams , Maria Benko , Rodney Brister , Eric B Carstens , Andrew Davison , Eric Delwart , Balazs Harrach , Roger Hull , Mart Krupovic , Jens Kuhn , Elliot Lewfkowitz , Max Nibert , Richard Orton , Marilyn Roossinck , Sead Sabanadzovic , Matthew Sullivan , Curtis Suttle , Robert Tesh , Rene van der Vlugt , Arvind Varsani , Murilo Zerbini , Andrew King , Alexander Gorbalenya (2017) Virus taxonomy in the age of metagenomics. Nature Reviews Microbiology 15:161-168    
  5. Downie, K. G. Adetola, and E. B. Carstens (2013) Characterization of protein-protein interaction domains within the baculovirus AcMNPV Late Expression Factor LEF-3. J. Gen Virol. 94: 2530-2535
  6. Yu, M. and E. B. Carstens (2012) The CfMNPV LEF-3/P143 complex can complement DNA replication and budded virus production in an AcMNPV LEF-3/P143 double knockout bacmid. J. Gen. Virol. 93:383-388
  7. Yu, M. and E. B. Carstens (2011) Characterization of an Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus mutant lacking the ac39 (p43) gene. Virus Research 155:300-306
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  17. Ito, E., D. Sahri, R. Knippers, and E. B. Carstens (2004) Baculovirus proteins IE-1, LEF-3, and P143 interact with DNA in vivo: a formaldehyde cross-linking study. Virology 329:328-336.
  18. Chen, T., D. Sahri and E. B. Carstens (2004) Characterization of the interaction between P143 and LEF-3 from two different baculovirus species: CfMNPV LEF-3 can complement AcMNPV LEF-3 in supporting DNA replication. J.Virol. 78:329-339.
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  37. Lu. A. and E.B. Carstens. 1992b. Transcription analysis of the EcoRI D region of the Baculovirus Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus identifies an early 4-kilobase RNA encoding the essential p143 gene. J.Virol. 66:655-63.
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