Frederick W.K. Kan, Ph.D (McGill)

Frederick W.K. Kan
  • Professor
  • Bottorell Hall
  • Kingston
  • K7L3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-2863
  • E-Mail:

Faculty Bio

The fallopian tube or oviduct occupies a unique position within the female reproductive tract where it provides the optimal environment for many critical reproductive events to take place. These include gamete transport and maturation, sperm-egg interaction, fertilization, and early embryo development. Our current research focuses on how the post-ovulatory environment in the oviduct influences gamete maturation, fertilization, and pre-implantation development. We have recently produced a human recombinant oviduct-specific glycoprotein, oviductin, and we are studying its role during the early events of fertilization. Further, we are interested in the effect of diabetes on endometrial functions at reproductive age and the use of low-dose immunosuppresant therapy in ameliorating and restoring normal reproductive functions in diabetes.

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