Teaching Philosophy and Profile

Dr. Elbatarny is an established educator. He dedicated his expertise to the BScN as well as Science students at both St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University. He uses his medical background and over 10 years of medical practice to provide clinical examples that support nursing students learning. He believes in the Learning-centered teaching approach where students rather than the faculty are the focus of the teaching/learning process. He strongly supports the shift in the role of the instructor from an information provider to a learning facilitator. To serve this purpose, Dr. Elbatarny uses a variety of traditional and non-traditional pedagogical tools during his lectures and labs to engage his students and keep them motivated and eager to learn. He pays great attention to the preparation and utilization of PowerPoint to provide an interactive lecture that is highly appreciated by his students.  Dr. Elbatarny has been teaching Anatomy and Physiology and Clinical Chemistry to BScN students since 2005. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the department of Biomedical and Molecular sciences at Queen’s University; teaching Pharmacology: PHAR100, PHAR230, PHAR340, PHAR450 as well as Physiology PHGY350 to BScN and Science students. Dr. Elbatarny is the recipient of Queen’s Reddick Award for Excellence in Nursing Education in 2013.