Inka Brockhausen, Ph.D

Inka Brockhausen

Faculty Bio

The Brockhausen lab aims to understand the biochemical mechanisms underlying diseases such as inflammation, infections and cancer. We also hope to develop novel therapeutic interventions based on our knowledge and inhibition of glycosyltransferase enzymes that glycosylate proteins in humans, and assemble the O-antigenic and other polysaccharides in pathogenic bacteria as well as in pathogenic fungi. Newly developed assays for glycosyltransferases help to discover novel enzymes, characterize enzymes, reveal protein structure and function relationships and contribute to our understanding of the underlying biosynthetic mechanisms. This work is the basis for the design of specific inhibitors that could 1. Reduce inflammation, 2. Reduce cancer metastasis and 3. Act as new antibacterial or antifungal agents. A world-wide network of collaborators helps to achieve these goals.

Last Modified: 2019-01-10