John T. Fisher, Ph.D

John T. Fisher
  • Professor
  • Richardson 251, Queen's University
  • Kingston
  • K7L3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-6938
  • E-Mail:

Faculty Bio

Airway innervation in health and disease: Autonomic nervous system (ANS) control of airway caliber and sensory feedback are important in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. We employ mutant mice lacking specific gene function to examine airway innervation to examine the role of lung C-fibre/pain afferents in the reflex control of breathing, bronchoconstriction and inflammation. The impact of the nociceptive Òhot pepperÓ ion channel, TRPV1, is a primary theme of our research on lung afferents. The cardiopulmonary ANS function theme examines the role of M2 and M3 acetylcholine muscarinic receptors as primary regulators of airway narrowing and cardiac function in health and disease.

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