Kanji Nakatsu, Ph.D

Kanji Nakatsu

Faculty Bio

While my present research has its roots in cardiovascular pharmacology, it now applies also to other areas of pharmacology, including cancer and CNS. My research interests lie in the pharmacology of carbon monoxide (CO) and heme oxygenase (HO), and how CO as well as selective inhibitors and activators of HO isozymes can be developed for human use. This has evolved from earlier research on the pharmacology of organic nitrate vasodilators (nitroglycerin, glyceryl trinitrate) and nitric oxide (NO). HO catabolizes heme to liberate CO, biliverdin and iron.

My training in pharmacology was received at the University of Alberta (MSc), University of British Columbia (PhD) and Stanford University (Postdoc).  I have been a member of Queen's School of Medicine since 1973.

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