Michael A. Adams, Ph.D

Michael A. Adams
  • Professor & Head
  • Department Of Biomedical And Molecular Sciences
  • Kingston
  • K7L3N6
  • Telephone: 613-533-2452
  • E-Mail: adams@queensu.ca

Faculty Bio

B.ScH  Physiology & Pharmacology, University of Western Ontario (1979), Ph.D. Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Western Ontario (1985), Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Baker Medical Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia; Supervisors: Alex Bobik and Paul I. Korner (1985-1988)

Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Rachel Holden (Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine) run a collaborative research laboratory.  The long term goal of their research is to contribute to a greater understanding of the causes and consequences of cardiovascular and kidney disease and to apply this knowledge to the development and implementation of new therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment. A specific area of current research, in collaboration with Dr. Glenville Jones, seeks to optimize treatment strategies, involving combination vitamin K and vitamin D therapies, to manage vascular calcification resulting from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Last Modified: 2014-05-20