Michael G. Blennerhassett, Ph.D

Michael G. Blennerhassett
  • Professor
  • Gidru Wing, Kingston General Hospital
  • Kingston
  • K7L3N6
  • Telephone: 613-549-6666 x6523
  • E-Mail: blennerm@queensu.ca

Faculty Bio

My research examines the effect of inflammation on the intestine, studying how the structure and function of enteric neurons and smooth muscle undergo adaptive changes. We use animal models of intestinal inflammation as well as tissue culture approaches, focusing on the cellular and protein levels. We have identified new regulatory interactions that affect intestinal motility, such as neural regulation of smooth muscle cell growth, and the actions of neuro- trophins on enteric neurons. We are currently pursuing the molecular basis of cytokine-influenced axon outgrowth, as well as cytokine-induced smooth muscle hyperplasia. My research is carried out in the Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit (GIDRU).

Last Modified: 2017-01-12