Trainees - Past and Present

Student trainees of Dr. Kawaja at Queen’s (co-authors on laboratory papers)

                                                          Then                                         Now

Gordon Boyd (2001-2004)         ONF-funded post-doctoral fellow               Clinician-Scientist (Queen’s) 

Grant Coome (1995-1997)          OGS-funded Master’s student                    Family Medicine Doctor (London)

Nisha Dhanoa (2002-2004)         Master’s student                                         Lawyer (Toronto)

Nader Ghasemlou (2000-2002)   Master’s student                                         Post-doctoral Fellow (Boston)

Sari Hannila (1999-2004)            CIHR-/ONF-funded doctoral student       Assistant Professor (U Manitoba)

Ali Jahed (2000-2006)                 OGS-funded Master’s/doctoral student     Radiology Resident (U Toronto)          

Karmen Krol (1998-2006)           MRC-funded Master’s/doctoral student    Anesthesiology Resident (Queen’s)

Justin Lee (2001-2003)                Master's student                                         Family Medicine Doctor (Toronto)

Devon McDonald (2002-2003)   4th-year research project student               Family Medicine Doctor (Lindsay)

Todd McDonald (2004-2014)     CIHR-/OGS-funded doctoral student       Anesthesiology Resident (U Sask) 

Casey Petrie (2011-2013)            Master’s student                                        Medical Student (Queen’s) 

Karen Petruccelli (1996-1997)     4th-year research project student               Pyschiatrist (Mississauga)

Khalil Rawji (2010-2012)            OGS-funded Master’s student                  Doctoral Student (U Calgary)

Philippe Rizek (2004-2006)         Master’s student                                        Neurology Resident (Western)      

James Rowland (2006)                 Summer student                                        Financial Analyst (Toronto)

Kelly Smale (1993-1995)              Master’s student                                       Education (Toronto)

Laura Smithson (2006-2013)        Master’s/CIHR-funded doctoral student   Post-doctoral Fellow (St. Louis)

EJ Stein (1998-1999)                     4th-year research project student              Business Analyst (Toronto)

Devon Svoboda (2007-2009)        Master’s student                                       Doctoral Student (U Ottawa)

Lynsie Thomason (2010-2011)      4th-year research project student             Research Associate (U Toronto)

Gina Trinh (2008-2009)                 4th-year research project student             Medical Student (Queen’s)

Ronald Tovich (1997-1998)           4th-year research project student             Free-lance Advisor (Toronto)

Gregory Walsh (1996-1998)          MRC-funded Master’s student                Post-doctoral Fellow (Seattle)

Jim Wilson (1993-1995)                 Master’s student                                      Neurologist (Georgia USA)

Shannon Zhang (2010-2011)         4th-year research project student              Medical Student (Queen’s)