P. Harry Jellinck, Ph.D

P. Harry Jellinck

Faculty Bio

Harry Jellinck obtained his undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1948 and MSc and PhD from the University of London (1952 and 1954). After 2 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow (National research Council) at McGill University and 3 years as a Lecturer at two Medical Schools in London, he returned to Canada to join Dr. R.L. Noble at the newly established Cancer Research Centre, University of British Columbia. He was promoted to Full Professor before moving in 1967 to Queen’s University as Head of the Department of Biochemistry. He stepped down from this position in 1978 and became Emeritus in 1993. He has also been a Visiting Professor at Rockefeller University, since his first sabbatical in New York in 1978.

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