Research Interests:

Biochemical and Molecular Basis of Susceptibility to Carcinogens
We are examining the balance of the processes involved in the toxification (i.e. metabolic activation) and detoxification of cancer-causing chemicals, as well as the molecular consequences (i.e. protooncogene activation, tumour suppressor gene inactivation) of reactive metabolite binding to cellular DNA.  We also are investigating the ability of carcinogens and other chemicals to alter DNA repair processes.  For these studies, several target organs are examined, but our principal focus is on the lung and the colon.

Biochemical Basis for Drug-Induced Lung Damage
Treatment of patients with either of the cardiac drugs amiodarone or dronedarone, can result in serious and potentially life-threatening lung damage. We are studying how amiodarone and dronedarone initiate processes that lead to lung cell death and subsequent fibrosis.