Man Yat Tse, Ph.D

Man Yat Tse

Faculty Bio

My research interests are summarized below: (i) Mechanistic studies to understand the development of cardiac hypertrophy In collaboration with Drs. Stephen Pang (DBMS) and Amer Johri (Cardiology), we are currently determining the mechanism of gender-related heart disease and cardiac hypertrophy in post-menopausal females. Our studies will focus the vasoactive and immune mechanisms related to vascular plaque and heart disease. (ii) Another area of interest examines the developmental origins of human diseases. In collaboration with Dr. Stephen Pang we will examine how the in-utero maternal environment affects the outcome of the offspringÕs cardiovascular health in later life. (iii) Development of engineered articular cartilage Ð In collaboration with Drs. David Bardana (Orthopedic Surgery), Andrew Winterborne (Health Sciences), James Stewart and Manuela Kunz (Computing), Mark Hurtig (Ontario Veterinary College, Univ. of Guelph), Stephen Waldman (Mechanical Engineering) and Stephen Pang, we are studying the molecular mechanisms that occur during mechanical stimulation of engineered articular cartilage tissue. Synthetic cartilage is constructed in a bioreactor from a small number chondrocytes isolated from biopsy samples. This technology aims at synthesizing cartilage, suitable for autologous implantation, to repair damaged areas of the joint. (vi) With the collaborations of Drs. Will King (Epidemiology), Janet Ashbury (Epidemiology), Stephen Vanner (GIDRU) and Sherry Taylor (Pathology, Dalhousie Univ.) and Stephen Pang we are evaluating the potential of using measurements of LINE-1 DNA methylation as a marker for a personÕs propensity to develop colorectal cancer.

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