Microbes, Immunity, and Inflammation

Current graduate students in Microbes, Immunity, and Inflammation:

Dr. Bruce Banfield's Lab

PhD Candidate
Jie Gao
Project: The function of the UL16/UL21 complex in the egress of herpes simplex virus capsids from the nucleus

Dr. Sam Basta's Lab

PhD Candidates
Kyle Seaver
Project: Developing a prophylactic immunization model by enhancing tumor-antigen cross-presentation
(Co-supervised by Dr. Peter Greer, Pathology and Molecular Medicine) 

Torki Alothaimeen
Project:  Analysis of CD4+ and CD8+ T cell immune responses in diverse models of antigenic challenges

Andra Banete
Project: The role of macrophage polarization in the regulation of immune functions against viral infections 

Dr. Anne Ellis’ Lab

MSc Candidates
 Mallory Gallant

 Matthew Rarrls

Dr. Katrina Gee's Lab

PhD Candidate
Carly Petes
Project: Regulatory effects of the IL-12 family of cytokines on human innate immunity

MSc Natalya Odoardi

Dr. Nader Ghasemlou's Lab

 MSc Candidates
Courtney Bannerman

Jelena Petrovic
Project: The role γ/δ T cells and mast cells as critical contributors to inflammatory pain

      Julia Segal
      Project: The circadian rhythm of pain in multiple sclerosis

Dr. Ken Jarrell's Lab

MSc Candidate
Sulav Sharma
roject: (co-supervised by Dr. Inka Brockhausen)

Dr. Anna Majury's Lab


Dr. Nancy Martin's Lab


Dr. Elaine Petrof's Lab


 Dr. Keith Poole's Lab

MSc Candidate
Olivia Maroun
Project: The Impact of Zinc on Aminoglycoside Activity and Resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

 Dr. Leda Raptis' Lab

MSc Candidate
Zaid Taha
Project: Role of Stat3 Upon the Differentiation of HC11, Breast Epithelial Cells

PhD Candidate

Dr. Myron Szewczuk's Lab

Updated: 2017 10 13