Therapeutics, Drug Development, & Human Toxicology

Current students in Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology

Dr. Michael Adams' Lab

   PhD Candidate
     Bruno Svajger
     (co-supervised with Dr. R. Holden, Nephrology)
     Project: The Role of Phosphate in the Vascular Extracellular Matrix and its Influence on the Development of Vascular
     Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease".

     Mandy Turner
     Project:  Characterizing the time course and regulation of maladaptive mineral disposition in the initiation of vascular    
     calcification in experimental CKD
     (co-supervised with Dr. R. Holden, Nephrology)

     MSc Candidates
     Corey Forster
     Co-supervisor is R. Holden

Dr. Brian Bennett’s Lab

     PhD Candidate
     Ahmed Elharram
     Project:  Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 null mice as an oxidative stress-based model of cognitive impairment and
     sporadic Alzheimer's disease


Dr. Tom Massey’s Lab

Dr. Donald Maurice’s Lab

MSc Candidate
   Arania Jacobs

     PhD Candidate
     Paulina Brzezinska
     Project:  Crosstalk between cAMP and calcium signaling on the leading edge of migrating vascular smooth muscle cells


Dr. Chris Nicol’s Lab

     PhD Candidate
     Jia (Amelia) Shi
     Project:  The role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) during breast tumour angiogenesis


Dr. Terence Ozolins’ Lab

Dr. Graeme Smith's Lab

     MSc Candidate
     Chioma Odozor
     Project: The therapeutic induction of Carbon Monoxide in pregnancy

Dr. Jagdeep Walia's Lab

     MSc Candidate
     Shalini Kot
     Project; Investigating the use of immunosuppressive drugs to generate immunotolerance towards HexM following the
     treatment with the AAV9-HexM viral vector in Sandhoff mice


Dr. Louise Winn’s Lab

     MSc Candidate
     Ana Nikolovska

    Alexander Platt

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