Chapter 13 Financial Support

Thesis based graduate students enrolled in the DBMS graduate program will receive funding packages to assist with living expenses and coverage of tuition: MSc - $19,000 minimum stipend; PhD - $21,000 minimum stipend. 

The Graduate Program Committee reviews annually the minimum stipend to be paid to graduate students, taking into account increases in tuition and the cost of living. The Committee’s recommendations are presented for approval at the departmental level, where a final decision on the amount of the minimum stipend is made. The current amount of the minimum stipend can be obtained by contacting the Graduate Program Assistant. For those students who have been awarded scholarships at the university, provincial or national level, the stipend reflects the relative level of that success. Remuneration received by students for undertaking Teaching Assistantships in the Biochemistry graduate program is not included in the minimum stipend. Tuition and student fees are paid by the student (see the Graduate Calendar for details).Most students receive financial support from scholarships and fellowships, Queen’s Graduate Awards and from their supervisor’s research grants. In the situation where a supervisor is unable to meet their financial commitment to a student, the Department will make its best effort to secure alternative supervision and help the student to complete his or her program, but cannot guarantee that the student will receive the minimum stipend.