Chapter 8 Supervisory and Thesis Advisory Committee

Thesis advisory committees, which will consist of the supervisor and at least two other members, will be formed within the first semester of the student’s program.  Members may include all regular and cross-appointed faculty members of DBMS, provided they are recognized as graduate faculty by the SGS. The purpose of the thesis advisory committee is to provide ongoing advice and assistance with problems that may arise as students progress through their programs.

MSc (AS)

All MSc (AS) students enrolled in the program will meet every three weeks with their supervisor, every nine weeks with their Advisory Committee and every two months at a “Class Business Meeting”, to which all students attend and have the ability to provide input and feedback.  For nine-week Advisory Committee meetings students must provide a summary of their progress in advance. Students then receive oral feedback on their progress from their Committee at the meeting.

Your supervisor will provide the Pattern II Supervisory Committee Report Form.
If you have any questions please contact Sirena Jonik


All students enrolled in the MSc program will report to individual supervisory committees, comprised of at least three faculty members. The committee is formed by the student in consultation with the supervisor.  Each student is required to meet with their committee once every year to review progress and the state of their research. The student must prepare a written summary of progress (usually 2-4 pages) to be distributed to the committee members at least five working days prior to each meeting. 


The frequency and administration of all PhD student progress will be as described above for MSc students with the additional component of the comprehensive examination as a mechanism of assessing the students’ progression. The PhD committee is formed by the student in consultation with the supervisor.