Chapter 2 Welcome to Kingston and Queen's University

Why Kingston?

  • Kingston, Ontario is a historic city that ranks as one of the best places to live in Canada. It is located where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario and the Rideau Canal and is home to 21 national heritage sites. A vibrant city with ample recreational, dining and shopping opportunities and a rich arts and entertainment community, as well as a family friendly environment.
  • Kingston is located equidistant from the major urban centres of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa and has easy access by car, bus, or train. 
  • Kingston, home to Queen’s University has been named by the BBC as one of the world’s great university towns to live in

  • A New York-based think tank recently identified Kingston on the world stage as a leading “Intelligent Community” rising to the challenge of a broadband economy providing a connected, engaged and inclusive community.  Intelligent Community Forum

Why Queen’s?

  • Queen’s is one of Canada’s oldest degree-granting institutions, and has influenced Canadian higher education since 1841 when it was established by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria.
  • Queen’s is a mid-sized university with a vibrant graduate community which represents 20% of the total student enrolment – the highest percentage in Ontario (based on 2013 data).
  • Queen’s graduate students bring diversity of experience, perspective and culture and come from over 70 countries and from across Canada
  • Queen’s has the second highest doctoral completion rate and third highest Master’s completion rate among the Canadian Research intensive universities (the U15).
  • Since 2003, Queen’s has ranked 1st among Canadian Universities in the number of awards and prizes per full-time Faculty.
  • Queen’s ranks 12th for research funding and 10th for research intensity (research funding per full-time faculty) in Research Infosource’s list of the Top 50 Research Universities in Canada in 2013.
  • Queen’s success rate in the Insight Grant 2013-14 competition was 3.5% percentage points higher than the National success rate and was second highest among the Ontario member universities of the U15
  • Queen’s ranks second in the U15 and first in Ontario with a success rate of 88% in the 2013 Discovery Grant competition for established researchers bringing in average grants of $38,800 (National average = $36,000)
  • The latest data from the U15 places Queen’s first among the Ontario member universities of the U15 in graduate student recipient rate of Tri-Council awards and 3rd in the U15
  • Funding packages for research Master’s and doctoral programs are above the U15 average
  • Queen’s offers one of the most comprehensive professional development programs for academic, professional and personal success (
  • Queen’s is committed to preparing our graduate students for a variety of career paths  - the versatile graduate - and has designed various workshops, online-courses and special events such as the Graduate Career Week in order to support students in finding academic and non-academic career success.
  • Queen’s University International Centre assists in building community among students and supporting the academic and personal development of all students, staff and faculty enhancing and diversifying the international learning environment.