Portrait of a Research Technician - Maike Bossert

I am a member of Dr. Carstens's research group, providing technical support for research in the area of molecular virology. My routine duties include maintenance of cell cultures and medium, preparation of virus stocks, purchasing and ordering of consumables and equipment, and overseeing of a variety of databases related to plasmids, antibodies, primers, and virus stocks. I am also responsible for assisting graduate students learn techniques related to their thesis research. In addition, I work under the direction of Dr. Carstens on a variety of research projects where I am responsible for contributing to discussions on experimental design, as well as conducting the experiments, then collecting and collating data. These projects deal mostly with viral DNA replication, and include a variety of experimental approaches to investigate viral DNA, RNA and protein expression.

Not only am I conversant with the spectrum of common molecular biology techniques involving DNA modification (cloning) and protein expression including immunoblotting, but also in more advanced and sensitive methods such as quantitative real-time PCR for analysis of both purified DNA and RNA and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays of viral DNA-binding proteins. In addition, I have begun to examine the role of intracellular localization of specific viral proteins to determine their role in regulating host range specificity. This research uses protein expression and protein localization by immunofluorescence staining or fluorescence microscopy,

All in all, the work and experiments in this lab offer me a variety of challenging opportunities to investigate interesting questions in insect virology.

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