Dissection Experience

The CAM - HD Experience strives to create a lasting educational experience by supplying a completely interactive environment ensuring it is emergent enough never to be experienced in the same way twice.

The Summer 2017 Edition of the CAM - HD Experience has been scheduled!

This year the course has been modified to shorten the Exerience to 7 days while maintaining the same number of laboratory hours.  Please join us on August 10 - 16, 2018 at the Summer 2018 CAM - HD Experience.

Starting at the Spring 2014 edition of the CAM – HD Experience, the use of soft embalmed cadavers was introduced.  This method of specimen preservation ensures the textures and colours of the specimen are maintained as well as the joint range of motion.  Most importantly it allows for a much better appreciation of the fascial planes as they are dissected.

The CAM – HD Experience is an open curriculum based dissection course.  Dissection curricula are provided for each group of 5, but practitioners are urged to take an active role in the dissection planning.  With appropriate planning and approval each team has the potential to create a dissection of their choosing with full support of the faculty during its development.

Also included in the CAM – HD Experience is a pictorial synopsis of the experience that each participant will assist in designing and creating.  As the dissection process proceeds key photographs of the dissection are generated and combined with a small write up from the group to accompany it.  The manual generated is printed by the CAM – HD Experience and delivered to the participants.   

A maximum of 25 students are permitted in the Summer 2017 edition of the CAM – HD Experience.  Groups of 5 students will dissect a fully intact soft embalmed human cadaver.  With faculty approval, interested practitioners forming a group of 5 may enter the experience as a team.  This option involves detailed dissection goal planning that must be approved prior to the course.  For details please contact Craig Harness MSc, DO(Q) at camhde@queensu.ca.