The doors of the new School of Medicine Building opened in September 2011 after much anticipation. 

Since then, the School of Medicine Building  has been operating as one of the premier places in Canada to learn medical sciences.  Participants of the CAM – HD Experience are able to take full advantage of the William James Henderson Anatomy Learning Centre within this wonderful facility located at the corner of Arch and Stuart Streets.

This Learning Centre houses a full spectrum of both wet and dry anatomical material, plastinated specimens, models, and state of the art audio / visual equipment.  The main dissection lab is fully integrated with both downdraft ventilation for the comfort of the dissectors and natural sunlight that enters via a connection to the main foyer of the building!

The Anatomy Museum contains hundreds of encased wet anatomical specimens spanning the entire body and is considered to be the finest in Canada.  The versatility of this new space comes with the ability to organize and reorganize the museum with ease so that the entire spectrum of learning materials can be used in combination, simultaneously.

Participants are urged to bring a combination or keyed lock to take advantage of the storage facilities provided.  Please note that no outside material is permitted in either the main dissection laboratory or anatomy museum.

For more pictures and information about this magnificent place to learn human anatomy, please visit the official website of the building: http://meds.queensu.ca/building.