"Anyone involved in healthcare would find this course of significant benefit for understanding the body."

"There has been no greater resource for my conceptualization of anatomy"  

"The best educational course and amazing quality of instruction I have ever taken/had.  I hope to be able to take part in many more to come" 

"Excellent course - highly recommend it." 

"Doing the class for a second time gave me an even better appreciation of the dissection work.  I can immediately after the course see the improvement in my osteo practice."

"Dissection material was excellent!!! Gave a much truer feel for what real tissues are like and fascia easier to dissect."

"I learned a tremendous amount through the dissection and especially from everyone in attendance.  I will see you next year!"

"This learning opportunity is unparalleled."

"The socials really helped find out more about people you didn't group up with."

"This was
by far one of the greatest educational experiences of my life.  I plan on attending every year it's offered and will encourage people whom I know would benefit from this course to also make an effort to attend.  I want to thank Craig for making this possible in the highest quality environment with the phenomenal instruction that he achieved and to thank Shiraz for taking the time to provide us with his knowledge and expertise.  I can't say enough to communicate how thrilled I am to be a part of this..."