Research Program

Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases remain a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and treatment and prevention of this disease pose major challenges to the health care systems. The Cardiac, Circulatory and Respiratory Research (CCR) Program at Queen’s University under the directorship of Dr. Donald H. Maurice consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers involved in basic molecular and clinical health research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. The group consists of 30 lead investigators whose research funding corresponds to over 10 million dollars.

Research themes or nodes within the group are supported by cross-cutting expertise provided by clinical Chemistry Community Health and Epidimology as well as the protein function and discovery group led by Dr. Alan Mak.This multidisciplinary approach to cardiovascular disease is essential for us to be competitive for research funding. Indeed, highly successful thematic research groups such as ours have been established at many other institutions in Canada.

Research accomplishments of our group over the past year correspond to cutting edge advances in exciting areas such as the development of new markers for congestive heart failure, the use gene therapy as an approach for the treatment of hemophilia, and the characterization of a new risk factor for venous thrombosis. The Vascular Function and Disease Node obtained competitive funding for its research focus in the form of a Program Grant from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

The CCR Research Program consists of four nodes:
Vascular Function/Disease
Cardiac Dysfunction
Respiratory Disease
Circulatory Control