PhD Thesis Defenses

Effective immediately, all PhD Oral Examinations will be OPEN.  The examination may be switched to CLOSED for substantive reasons only, such as protection of sensitive data or major disability issues.  If a student wishes to have a CLOSED examination, they must apply to the Associate Dean of Graduate Students (Dr. Kim McAuley) for permission.

 All PhD examinations in DBMS will be announced on the DBMS website, in addition to the Gazette.  Students are encouraged to attend theses examinations in order to gather an understanding of the process and to support their peers.

 Room bookings do not need to take into consideration the audience size.  It is up to the Chair to decide how many bodies the room may accommodate at the time of the examination.  All audience members will be asked to vacate the room when the Candidate is asked to leave so that the confidential nature of the examiners’ discussion can be maintained.

 Students undergoing MSc Oral Examinations are encouraged to consider an OPEN format, but should consult with their supervisor and may decide upon a CLOSED format without any penalty.  All examinations will be announced on the DBMS website.

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