The Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences operates a stockroom/biobar in Botterell Hall, room 821. Disposable laboratory supplies and products from a number of Life Science companies are available for sale or order.  The new hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

To purchase disposable laboratory supplies, you must register with the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences through Chris Boer (telephone 32454; e-mail boerc@ The name of Principal Investigator (PI), Department, account number, and a minimum 6 character password are required. Purchases are recorded directly by customers using a computer in the stockroom. The shelf number on a yellow dot under each product provides a unique identifier that can be used to correctly select the desired item from a drop down list.

Accounts are charged electronically at regular intervals and a printed transaction statement is mailed to each PI’s Department for distribution.

For your convenience, many items are sold in “break out” quantities with pro-rated prices. Prices are usually stable over the year but can change under certain circumstances.

Fermentas, Invitrogen and Qiagen products are also distributed on consignment. Fermentas and Invitrogen products require a fully completed Internal Supplies Requisition (ISR) with the following information:
Principal Investigator
Account number
Authorizing signature
Product code
Product description

Qiagen products require a voucher (available in room 821) with procurement (credit) card information.                

Prices are listed on the Qiagen web site:

Products in stock are immediately available. Special orders are also welcome. Please write “SPECIAL ORDER” beside the item and provide a lab phone number for product arrival notification. No extra charges or shipping costs are applied to these products.

Fermentas and Invitrogen Biobar Manager:
Hans Metz
Tel: 32495

Qiagen Biobar Manager:
Chris Boer
Tel: 32454

Technical information on Biobar products should be referenced through the company website or help line, not through the Biobar Managers.