Eric C Dumont, Ph.D

Eric C Dumont

Faculty Bio

Eƒric Dumont received his Ph.D. in Pharmacodynamics and Biochemistry from the UniversitŽ de MontrŽeal in 1999. He was a postdoctoral trainee at UniversitŽ Laval from 1999 to 2001 where he studied the neurobiology of stress and anxiety under the co-supervision of Drs. Guy Drolet and Denis ParŽ. He completed his postdoctoral formation at the Vollum Institute in Portland (Oregon, USA) where he studied drugs of abuse-induced synaptic adaptations under the supervision of Dr. John T. Williams. He is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at Queen's University. The overall goal of Dr. Dumont's research program is to elucidate the neural mechanisms of substance abuse and addiction. His laboratory attacks this question using a multi-faceted systems biological approach that considers critical and causal factors at the molecular, cellular, systems and behavioral levels. From a technical perspective, his laboratory combines a broad range of molecular, surgical, behavioral, and electrophysiological techniques that are essential for conducting state-of-the-art research in neurophysiology. His research is funded through multiple grants including CIHR and NSERC operating grants. He published 21 peer-reviewed research articles, 2 review articles, 1 editorial, and more than 50 scientific abstracts.

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