Donald R. Forsdyke, M.B., B. S., B. A., Ph.D

Donald R. Forsdyke

Faculty Bio

Donald Forsdyke graduated from St. Mary's Hospital, London University, UK in 1961. After house appointments at St.Mary's (Medical Unit and Department of Psychiatry) and the Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge (Surgery), he began research in Molecular Biology and Cellular Immunology at the Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge (Ph.D. 1967). He was appointed to what was then the Department of Biochemistry at Queen's University in 1968. He has published some 200 papers and several books, and in the late 1990s established a series of educational webpages that are frequently updated. In the 1970s he served as Chairpersons of the Health Science Library Committee and of the Senate Library Committee. He was President of the John Austin Society for the History of Medicine and Science (2013-2016).

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