Research Interests:

Dr. Smith runs the Queen's University Perinatal Research Unit which has a basic science laboratory and a clinical research/clinical trials group. The current focus of both his basic and clinical research is on adverse obstetrical events, specifically related to the etiology, outcomes and potential therapies for pre-eclampsia.

Current research themes include:

  1. Examining adverse pregnancy outcomes as a marker of future maternal health. Dr. Smith has developed The MotHERS Program (Mothers Health Education, Research and Screening) and its website ( to improve maternal health and outcomes.
  2. Exploring the molecular, haemodynamic and morphological effects of carbon monoxide gas inhalation on the utero-placental environment. Dr. Smith has active research projects aimed at elucidating the role of carbon monoxide exposure and maternal risk for, and symptomatic presentation of pre-eclampsia.

Research Funding History

Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Canadian Federation for Women’s Health; Heart and Stroke Foundation; Physician’s Services Inc., Clinical Teachers' Association of Queen's University.

Prospective Research Students

For inquiries regarding research in the Smith Lab, please address correspondences to both Dr. Graeme Smith at and our lab manager Nicki Peterson at