Research Interests:

Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Rachel Holden (Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine) run a collaborative research laboratory.  The long term goal of our research is to contribute to a greater understanding of the causes and consequences of cardiovascular disease, particularly with respect to how chronic kidney disease greatly accelerates the disease progression. In addition, an overall goal is to apply this knowledge to the development and implementation of new therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment of the pathological outcomes.

Exploring the mechanisms underlying the development of circulatory abnormalities has followed varied approaches over the years including changes in neural, hormonal and local factors as well as in vascular structure.  Within that framework our investigations focus on the critical and fundamental role that pathogenic vascular remodeling plays in producing changes to circulatory health. Specifically, in conditions such as CKD, our research targeting the mechanistic underpinnings of abnormal circulatory states involving vascular calcification, endothelial dysfunction, increased pulse pressure, elevated pulse wave velocity, cardiac hypertrophy and hypertension.

We seek to determine the efficacy of novel treatments, such as those that modify systemic phosphate handling, to prevent or reverse the pathological vascular structural changes and the consequent circulatory abnormalities.

In addition, Dr. Adams has been a founder of two start-up companies and was successful in developing a drug that reached the world market. He has trained more than 40 graduate students and 10 post-doctoral fellows.