Physiology 214 - Mammalian physiology - Fall and Winter terms (full-class; 6 credit units)
• The function and integration of cells, organs, and body systems.
• instructor for cellular neurophysiology

Physiology 424 / Biomedical Sciences 824 - Ion channels of excitable membranes - Winter term (half-class; 3 credit units)

• The electrophysiology and biophysics of neuronal and cardiac membranes and associated ion channels.
• coordinator and instructor

Physiology 494 / Biomedical Sciences 894 - Neuroendocrinology - Winter term (half-class; 3 credit units)
• A study of selected neuroendocrinology topics, including control of appetite, biological rhythms, and reproduction.

• instructor

Physiology or Neuroscience 499 - Undergraduate research project - Fall and Winter terms (one-and-a-half classes; 9 credit units)
• An investigation in an area of ongoing research in the Magoski laboratory.
• supervisor

Biomedical Sciences 846 - Advanced physiology - Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer terms (half-class; 3 credit units)
• Directed studies for graduate students only; carried out under the guidance of their graduate supervisor and graduate supervisory committee.
• coordinator

Neurology clinical residence lecture series - Spring term

• A required course for Neurology residents to insure post-graduate competency in fundamental neuroscience.
• instructor for action potentials, synaptic transmission, and signalling