Research Interests:

My research program focuses on: 

(i) Mechanistic studies on the development of cardiac hypertrophy - In collaboration with Drs. Stephen Pang (Anatomy and Cell Biology), we are currently determining the mechanism of gender-related cardiac hypertrophy development in post-menopausal women. Studies on the cardioprotective effect of ANP are done in conjunction with Drs. Pang and Melo (Physiology).

(ii) Biocompatibility of engineered materials - With Drs. Brian Amsden (Chemical Engineering) and Pang, we are currently examining the regenerative capabilities of long-term delivery of hepatocyte growth factor to the heart following a heart attack. (iii) Development of engineered articular cartilage - With Dr. Stephen Waldman (Mechanical Engineering) and Pang, we are studying the molecular mechanisms that occur during mechanical stimulation of engineered articular cartilage tissue.