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Biochemistry Graduate Program

The master's and doctoral programs in Biochemistry provide students with the optimal conditions under which they can develop into independent, productive, research scientists. Multi-disciplinary research, a close supervisor-student relationship, excellent teaching assistant opportunities, and leading-edge facilities all combine to create a dynamic learning environment in which to explore the complex world of biochemistry.

Program Fields
MSc, PhD

  • Protein Function and Enzymology
  • Gene Regulation and Cancer Biology
  • Signal Transduction and Metabolic Regulation

Sample Faculty Research Interests

  • Vitamin D Metabolism
  • Cancer Research
  • Protein Structure
  • Cardiac, Circulatory and Respiratory Research
  • Structural Biology

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher - College or University Level
  • Scientist in Research Institutions or Industry
  • Research Science - Pharmaceuticals, Cancer, Heart and Stroke
  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Biology

Student's Testimonial
"Overall, my experience as a graduate student in the Biochemistry Department at Queen's was very positive thanks to the amazing faculty, staff, and students. The professors in the department are extremely knowledgeable in their diverse interests, and it is evident that they truly care about their students. Any time that I needed help or information about a particular idea or technique I could always find someone who was willing to take time to sit with me and answer my questions. The office staff are also extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They have an intimate knowledge of University guidelines and procedures and were integral in assisting me with putting my thesis together and filling out scholarship applications. Most importantly, the incredible students create a truly positive atmosphere within the department where I always felt comfortable. You can find someone at almost any time of day to share ideas with, or solicit help with experiments - or even just to have a coffee with and talk about the week's events."

Program Guidelines for 2013/2014

Our program guidelines are available as a pdf document.

SGSR Course Calendar

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Protein Function Discovery Training Program

More than 30 faculty members from 11 Departments at Queen's University have collaborated to develop a Proteomics and Protein Function Discovery (PFD) Training Program that will provide significant benefits to graduate students and faculty.

To learn more about this program and view the associated Biochemistry faculty please visit the PFD Web Site at:

Contact us:

Graduate Program Assistant:
Diane Sommerfeld
Phone: (613) 533-6000 x74836
Fax: (613) 533-2022
Graduate Program Coordinator:
Dr. Graham CoteVisit the Queen's Career Services web site for a list of careers related to Biochemistry.