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Ronald A. Easteal
 Ronald A. Easteal
Associate Professor
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Associate Professor in Anatomy & Cell Biology has been teaching anatomy at Queen's since 1975. Has introduced many innovative methods in educating students in the field of Anatomical Sciences and has authored/coauthored several learning resources that have been valued by our anatomy students since 2004. Dr. Easteal was the recipient of the 2007 Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award and the Barnes Teaching Award at Queen's University.ÊDr. Easteal (with Dr. MacKenzie) has developed the M.Sc. Program in Anatomical Sciences, teaching human anatomy at the college and university. This program is designed to educate students in the art of teaching and designing curricula in Anatomical Sciences.He is interested in Learning Modalities, working memory and interactive teaching, and has two papers currently in preparation in these areas.