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Life Sciences

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Biochemistry - Class of 2012 Life Sciences - Class of 2012
The Biochemistry program offers undergraduate degree programs through the Faculty of Arts and Science. The flagship program is the four year Honours Subject of Specialization Program (BSCH-SSP). This program provides the student with an in-depth training in modern experimental Biochemistry and is a preparation for entry into graduate programs. The first two years of the program are background preparation in Chemistry (organic, analytical and physical), Biology (genetics), general Physics and Mathematics. In the third year, courses in general Biochemistry, Physical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are mandatory. In the fourth year students take four full credits in Biochemistry two of which are laboratory courses, one a winter term research project with thesis. The program has enough flexibility for students to take elective courses in Microbiology, Physiology or other subjects in the Faculty of Arts and Science for which they are eligible. The Life Sciences program provides a cross-disciplinary education in the scientific disciplines that are fundamental to the maintenance of health and the treatment of disease. It is designed to exploit the synergy of a highly integrated curriculum that includes traditional and emerging biomedical sciences and to promote the acquisition of critical thinking, independent learning, problem solving, an sophisticated communication skills.

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Queen’s University is proud to offer one of Canada’s newest and most innovative degree programs. The Bachelor of Health Sciences degree is a collaborative, inter-professional program created by the University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Students have access to, and learn from, scientists and professionals within Medicine, Rehabilitation Therapy, Nursing, Global Health, Public Health Sciences, and Biomedical Science. 

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