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MICR 435 /BMED 835 - Advanced Prokaryotic Structure and Function


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact Course Coordinator: Dr. Ken Jarrell

Course Description: 

An in-depth analysis of the genetics, biochemistry, assembly and function of the major structures of the procaryotic cell. Emphasis on the experimental approaches in the current literature.

Course Objectives: 

1.  To learn about prokaryotic structure at an advanced level

2.  To appreciate the experimental approach used to obtain information about prokaryotic structure and function

3.  To critically analyze experiments

4.  To learn to design experimental approaches to solve novel problems related to microbiology

5.  To gain exposure to the current scientific literature

6.  To prepare students for graduate school

7.  To gain experience in the lab

PREREQUISITE:  Registration in the LISC Major or Specialization Plan and a GPA of 2.5 and BIOL 205/3.0 and (a grade of B- in MICR 221/3.0 or MICR 271/3.0 or MICR 229/3.0). 

COREQUISITE:  BCHM 310/9.0 or BCHM 315/3.0 or BIOL 334/3.0

Two midterm exams worth a total of 40%

Lab component 10%

Class oral presentation 10%

Final exam 40%

Exams are all problem solving essay questions. Lab write-ups require answering problems arising from the lab. Oral presentations are 12 min with 3 min for questions on a topic not covered in class.