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ANAT 409 - Selected Topics in Histology

 Not offered in 2023-2024
 Year 4
 10-11 hours/week
 3 units
On-Campus Course

A focused histological and cell biological study of three selected mammalian tissues, organs and/or systems.

Minimum 4th year (Level 4) standing, registration in a LISC/BHSc Major or SSP, a GPA of 2.5, and one of [(ANAT 215/3.0 and ANAT 216/3.0); (ANAT 315/3.0 and ANAT 316/3.0); ANAT 309/3.0].

In the Winter Term of 2019, ANAT 409 will cover (1) Cell Physiology of Inflammation and Cancer in the Gut, Microbiome in Health and Disease, Regulation of Organ Size by Hippo (Dr. MacLeod) and (2) Immunology of Pregnancy (Dr. Tayade).

Oral Presentations (20%)

Oral presentations of selected papers illustrating extensions of the lectures will be made by students.  Students will be assigned a group in the first lecture and given a paper to present.

Summary of Papers (40%)

All students will write summaries for selected papers. There will be 2 summaries for Dr. MacLeod’s section and 2 summaries for Dr. Tayade’s section. 

Laboratory Reports (10%)

All lab sessions are mandatory. There will be one lab report for each section.

Written Essay (30%)

Each student will write an essay on one of the topics from the course.

Due to the nature of the course, which includes discussions of current research and research literature, there is no recommended textbook for ANAT 409. 

Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale

Grade  Numerical Course Average (Range)

A+            90-100

A              85-89

A-             80-84

B+            77-79

B              73-76

B-             70-72

C+            67-69

C              63-66

C-             60-62

D+            57-59

D              53-56

D-             50-52

F              49 and below