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ANAT 499 - Research Project in Anatomy & Cell Biology


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact Course Coordinator: Dr. Richard J. Oko

Course Description: 

ANATOMY 499 (ANAT499): Research Project in Anatomy and Cell Biology
Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (DBMS)
Academic Year: 2018-19
Course co-ordinator: Dr. Madhuri Koti, Room 313, Cancer Research Institute,

ANAT 499 is a research project course with individually supervised projects in selected research
areas in Anatomy and Cell Biology program under the direction of a faculty member in DBMS. It
is expected that the student will work fairly independently on the research project under the
guidance of the supervisor and another senior laboratory member (when available) who will
provide guidance throughout the project. The initiative and participation of the student in
developing the project is a critical component of this course. Ability to evaluate key scientific
papers, experimental methodology and data analysis is important. The student and supervisor
should establish the direction of the research project early in the course. In laboratories where
several individuals are working on parts of a large project, the student's role should be clearly
delineated at the outset.


Course Objectives: 

a) To identify a research question,

b) To build a study rationale,

c) To formulate a testable hypothesis,

d) To define specific research objectives to test the hypothesis,

e) To design and conduct experiments to meet the defined research objectives,

f) To interpret results following data
collection and analysis using statistically justified methods (as applicable),

g) To build scientific communication skills via reporting overall study outcomes and significance through oral presentations, scientific posters and a written study report.

The course coordinator will meet with the students at weekly intervals on Fridays at 2:30 pm to
discuss the course objectives, project progress and provide guidance throughout the two terms.
Prior notifications for presentations and discussion points and upcoming deadlines etc. will be
provided to the students via e-mail communications. For the Fall 2018 term, meetings will be held
in Room 124, Bracken Library, Botterell Hall.

Research project students should be involved in most phases of the research process from
formulation of the hypothesis to be tested, through experimental design, data collection and the
communication of results. Students should discuss the project details with the supervisor via
regular meetings. The students should be encouraged to participate in the early stages of the
project design.

The research project should be designed such that experiments are feasible and can be completed within six to eight month period. Based on the time line and part-time nature of the project, projects are not considered equivalent of an MSc research project. Information on combined BSc/MSc can be found at
Supervisors of the projects should ensure that the thesis is of reasonable quality with respect to
style and organization before submission for review. It is the responsibility of the project
supervisor to provide adequate training and guidance to the student on overall project presentation, analysis, interpretation and scientific writing.

The supervisor is expected to,
• inform the 499 coordinator when a student is accepted
• ensure that there are adequate technical and financial resources for the project
• obtain animal or human sample usage and biohazard approval
• provide technical mentorship directly or with the help of lab personnel
• provide mentorship for oral presentations and written reports

• arrange a meeting to discuss expectations from the perspective of the student and supervisor
• act in a professional manner with regard to care and accuracy during experiments and data
• regularly discuss the project progress with the supervisor

Content Due Date Marks
Introduction to course September 7, 2018 N/A
Student presentation on lab research program (10 min)
2 slides maximum
September 21, 2018 N/A
Student project presentation (10 min)
October 19, 2018 N/A       
First oral presentation November (TBD) 10%
First written report December 9, 2018 10%
Journal club January 10&17, 2018 5 %
Project progress presentation (10 min) February 1, 2018 N/A
Draft poster presentation (5 min) March 15, 2018 N/A
Poster presentation March end (TBD) 5%
Practice final oral presentation (10 min + 2 min
April 5, 2018 N/A
Final oral presentation April (TBD) 20%
Final written report April 13, 2018 30%
Supervisor’s assessment April, 2018 20%


Marks with feedback for each oral presentation and written report will be returned in a timely
manner to students for incorporation into the subsequent presentations and reports. All activities
above are mandatory course requirements.

Draft Written Report           10%

Written Report                    30%

Oral Presentation               35%

Supervisor's Evaluation      20%

Poster Presentation              5%

TOTAL                              100%

Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale


Numerical Course Average (Range)

A+  90-100

A    85-89

A-   80-84

B+   77-79

B     73-76

B-    70-72

C+   67-69

C     63-66

C-    60-62

D+   57-59

D     53-56

D-    50-52

F    49 and below