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ANAT 380 Clinically Relevant Human Anatomy

 Fall 2023 (Blended), Winter 2024 (Online)
 Year 3
 3 units
On-Campus Course
Online Course

ANAT 380, Clinically Relevant Human Anatomy is a course on regional anatomy of the human body focusing on active and collaborative learning. Through a series of learning modules that will include readings, group learning activities, assignments, and inquiry, students will explore the major organ systems, their components and the relationships between them in gaining an appreciation of the architecture of the human body. A primary approach of this course will focus on the application of anatomical knowledge in case-based clinical scenarios. Students will apply knowledge gained from the course in order to collaborate with peers to solve clinical problems, as well as develop their own realistic clinical case based on an underlying anatomical issue. Commonly used medical terminology will be included and may be different from that used in newer anatomy textbooks and taught in most university anatomy courses.

Minimum 3rd year (level 3) standing, one of [ANAT 100/3.0; ANAT 101/3.0; (ANAT 215/3.0 and ANAT 216/3.0); (ANAT 315/3.0 and ANAT 316/3.0)], and one of [(PHGY 215/3.0 and PHGY 216/3.0); (KNPE125/3.0 and KNPE 225/3.0)].