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REPD 416 / BMED 816 - Biology of Reproduction

 Not offered in 2023-2024
 Year 4
 3 units

Course Description: 

Comprehensive overview of cellular and molecular biology of mammalian reproduction including gametogenesis, fertilization, early embryo development and placentation; selected topics of clinical aspects of reproduction. 

Note: previously ANAT 416


(ANAT 215/3.0 and ANAT 216/3.0) or ANAT 309/3.0, and Level 4 and (a GPA of 2.5 and registration in a LISC Major or Specialization Plan) or permission of the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences.

Assessment will be based on 1 oral presentation, 1 term essay and 1 written exam in short answer and/or short essay formats.  All students will be marked on attendance and participation in discussions on assigned topics.

Distribution of Marks

Attendance and Participation     5%

Oral Presentation                      20%

Term Essay                               20%

Final Written Exam                    55%

Selected readings from text books and journals will be assigned and other sources of useful material will be provided by individual instructor.

Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale

Grade  Numerical Course Average (Range)

A+            90-100

A              85-89

A-             80-84

B+            77-79

B              73-76

B-             70-72

C+            67-69

C              63-66

C-             60-62

D+            57-59

D              53-56

D-             50-52

F              49 and below