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Conrad Reifel PhD
 Conrad Reifel
Emeritus Professor
Contact Info

Faculty Bio

Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology and a course director of MEDS 110 Scientific Foundations: Normal Human Structure in the School of Medicine. Dr. Reifel has received the Aesculapian Lectureship Award 18 times.. He is actively involved in the M.Sc. Program in Anatomical Sciences, supervising 22 graduate students since 2007.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the study of human congenital malformations in a collection of human fetuses displaying a wide range of rare developmental anomalies.  Assessment of defects externally and internally by the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging are correlated with gene and chromosome abnormalities.

Selected Publications

  1. Venne, G., Reifel, C.W., Pang, S.C. and Ellis, R.E. (2014) Atrophic rectus capitis posterior minor and mechanical stress lines in cranial dura mater. Proceedings of American Association of Clinical Anatomists Meeting. June 2014.
  2. Ahn, S.H., Edwards, A.K., Nakamura, D.S., Reifel, C.W., Lessey, B.A. and Tayade, C. (2014) Interleukin 17A expression in plasma and endometriotic lesions from women with endometriosis and post laparoscopic removal of endometriotic lesions. American Society of Reproductive Immunology 71 (suppl 1) p. 30. 
  3. Li, T.Y., Tse, M.Y. Ventura, N.M., Johri, A.M., Croy, B.A., Reifel, C.W. and Pang, S.C. (2013) Correlation between expression of the natriuretic peptide system and morphological changes in mouse heart during prenatal development. Proceedings of Experimental Biology Meeting, Boston, April 2013
  4. Lee, A., Farnquist, B., Islam, O., MacKenzie, J., Taylor, S.A.M., Pang, S.C. and Reifel, C. W. (2012) Non-invasive
    investigation of asymmetrically conjoined tripus twins with features of rachipagus, parapagus dicephalus and
    cephalopagus. Clinical Anatomy 25:1023-1029.

      5. Pang, S.C., Reifel, C.W., MacKenzie, L.W., Easteal, R.A., Andrew, R.D., Hunt, R.E. and Virk,S. (2010) Establishment   
          of an Internet-Accessible, Scalable Gross Anatomy and Histology Image Catalogue (SGAHIC) for Modern Medical and
          Health Sciences Education. Canadian Health Libraries Association.

      5. MacKenzie, L., Easteal, R., Reifel, C., Pang, S. and Hunt, R. (2006) Plastinated Specimens in Fully Integrated
          Teaching Model. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Plastination, Vienna, Austria.5.. Situ, D., Reifel, 

      6. Situ, D., Reifel, C.W., Smith, R., Lyons, G.W., Temken, R., Harper-Little, C. and Pang, S.C. (2002) Investigation of a
          cyclopic human term foetus by use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Journal of Anatomy 200:431-438.

      7.Brown, S., Georgatos, M., Reifel, C., Song, J., Shin, S. and Hong, M. (2002) Recycling processes of cellular axcorbate 
         generate oxidative stress in pancreatic tissues in in vitro system. Endocrine 18:91-96. 

      8. Reifel, C., Lyons, G.W., Boyd, S., Situ, D., Temkin, R. and Pang, S. (2001) Thoracic stomach in a centenarian
          female cadaver.  Journal of Anatomy 198: 505-507.