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Introduction to DBMS

The faculty, staff and trainees in DBMS are engaged in world-class research and teaching, attracting and mentoring the best students, the finest educators, dedicated support staff, and internationally-competitive researchers. We value curiosity, creativity, commitment, and collegiality.

Our department is a distinguished academic centre engaging a wide range of research endeavours including anatomical sciences, bacteriology, biochemistry, cancer biology, cardiovascular sciences, cell biology, developmental biology, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, reproductive biology, toxicology and virology. The breadth and depth of our research has a strong foundation in multi-disciplinary discovery. Our faculty and trainees collaborate with numerous research institutions locally, nationally and internationally.  

Each year, our academics are involved in educating thousands of undergraduate and higher degree students enrolled in numerous programs across several faculties at Queen’s University and beyond. Prominent in this regard are our educational efforts in the highly regarded Life Sciences and Biochemistry programs, in medical education and in our stellar graduate programs.

DBMS will also continue the long history of internal and external engagement established by the five founding departments in student outreach programs, professional development courses for health and allied health professionals, and a public lecture series.

We invite visitors to explore the DBMS website to discover what we have done, what we are doing, and what we plan to do. Our goal is to sustain our profile of excellence locally, nationally and internationally in the areas of learning, discovery, and engagement.