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J.D. Hatcher Award

J. D. Hatcher Award: Established by Medical Alumni, Colleagues in the Faculty of Health Sciences (Medicine) and friends, and awarded to an undergraduate medical student to be used for a clinical or research critical enquiry elective, or equivalent project, normally outside Kingston. The applications must include an outline of the nature of the project, a supporting letter from the host Supervisor/Institution, an estimate of travel and maintenance costs associated with the project, and two letters of recommendation from recent professors. Academic performance will be taken into account. If you are planning a summer research studentship outside of Kingston, please keep in mind the availability of the J.D. Hatcher awards. They are intended to provide partial support to students pursuing an elective outside Kingston. 

The top-ranked applications: 

  1. Make a strong case for why the elective has to be carried out away from Kingston. 
  2. Relate the elective closely to the applicant’s past experience or future goals. 
  3. Give a succinct description of the hypothesis to be tested, along with a brief but informative description of the methods. 
  4. Provide an enthusiastic supporting letter from the supervisor, indicating that communication with the student were well-established. 
  5. Include letters from the two referees which show that the student has discussed the elective with them, and so are able to comment on the appropriateness of the elective from their own knowledge of the student.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information collected or how it will be used, please contact Candice Phillips , Program Assistant, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. 

Please submit your completed application electronically to  or single sided and no staples, to the Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Department, 18 Stuart Street, Botterell Hall, Room 563, Kingston, Ontario, Attention: Candice Phillips, no later than March 3rd, 2023

If there are any changes to your project after submission of the application, please notify this office as soon as possible or your funding opportunity may be at risk. J.D. Hatcher M.D., Ph.D, FRCPC, LL.D (Queen's)