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DBMS team awarded 2022 grant for the Principal’s Impact Courses (PIC) initiative

Dr. Michael Adams, Diane Tomalty, and Olivia Giovannetti are among 10 teams awarded a 2022 grant for the Principal's Impact Courses initiative, for the course ANAT 599: Research Investigations in Anatomy.

The Principal’s Impact Course initiative is part of a longer-term commitment to transform curricula by enhancing already-existing undergraduate courses or developing new courses with the purpose of supporting inquiry-based ‘wicked idea’ experiences, community impact, and the integration of research into the student experience as emphasized in the Queen’s Strategy. Selected programs will receive a grant providing up to $10,000 in one-time funding to develop their proposed course.

ANAT 599 will be a new course focusing on collaborative (team-based) research in Anatomical Sciences.  Students will use innovative team-based approaches to devise research questions that address knowledge gaps in the Anatomical Sciences while developing tools for improving anatomical education.

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