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BMED 832 - Molecular Basis of Cell Function

 Fall 2021
 3 units

Donald Maurice

This course provides an introduction to the signaling pathways that regulate key cellular functions such as growth and motility. The biochemical and structural principles that underlie the regulation of enzyme and protein activity in cells are emphasized. Topics include protein kinases and phosphatases, ubiquitin modification, G-protein-coupled receptors, growth factor receptors, scaffold and adaptor proteins, Ras GTPases, phospholipases, oncogenes, cyclic nucleotides, phosphoinositides, isoprenoids and steroid hormones. 

Offered jointly with BCHM 432

[BCHM 310 or (BCHM 315 and BCHM 316 and BCHM 317) for BCHM students] or [BCHM 310 or (BCHM 315 and BCHM 316) for LISC students] or equivalent

BCHM 432, BCHM 431, BCHM 433, BCHM 831, BCHM 833, BMED 831

Three lecture hours per week.