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BMED 854 - Cardiovascular Sciences

 Winter 2022
 3 units

Michael Adams

A study of the anatomy, pharmacology and physiology of the cardiovascular system based on lectures, seminars, laboratories and selected readings (same as PHAR-854 and PHGY-854). Topics include structure-function of the heart and blood vessels, mechanisms of signal transduction, drug effects on second messenger systems, the cardiac pump, integrated cardiovascular control, arterial oxygen transport, control of blood pressure and hypertension.

Offered jointly with CRSS-454 with additional work prescribed for graduate students. Enrolment limited. 

ANAT 311, ANAT 309, PHAR 340/450 and PHGY 312 or their equivalent

ANAT 854, PHAR 854, PHGY 854, CRSS 454

Lectures, seminars and laboratories.