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Headshot of Dr. Gunnar Blohm in the School of Medicine building

Connected Minds project seeks to guide responsible tech innovation

The Government of Canada announced new funding recently in support of a major, new multidisciplinary research initiative being led by York University and supported by Queen’s. The seven-year project – called Connected Minds: Neural and Machine Systems for a Healthy, Just Society – received over $105 million from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) to assess the potential risks and benefits of technology for humanity. Queen’s is set to receive $22.8 million of the federal funds.

Leading the Queen’s portion of the project is Connected Minds’ Vice-Director, Gunnar Blohm, a computational neuroscientist with the university’s Centre for Neuroscience Studies. He’s set to contribute administrative, teaching, and research expertise to the venture, which seeks to explore the ever-deepening relationship between humans and disruptive technologies.

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