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Chantelle Capicciotti PhD
 Chantelle Capicciotti
Assistant Professor
Queen's National Scholar in Precision Molecular Medicine
Contact Info

Academic Experience

2014-2018 Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Geert-Jan Boons), Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia
2009-2014 Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (Robert Ben), Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa
2005-2009 B.Sc. in Biopharmaceutical Sciences - Medicinal Chemistry, University of Ottawa

Research Interests

Please visit our lab website for more information:

Selected Publications

21. Liu L*, Prudden AR*, Capicciotti CJ*, Bosman GP, Yang JY, Chapla DG, Moremen KW, Boons GJ. Streamlining the Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Complex N-Glycans by a Stop and Go Strategy. Nat. Chem., 2018,      *Equal Contributing Authors

20. Supekar NT, Lakshminarayanan V, Capicciotti CJ, Sirohiwal A, Madsen CS, Wolfert MA, Cohen PA, Gendler SJ, Boons GJ. Synthesis and Immunological Evaluation of a Multicomponent Cancer Vaccine Candidate Containing a Long MUC1 Glycopeptide. ChemBioChem, 2018, 19, 121-125.

19. Chinoy ZS, Friscourt F, Capicciotti CJ, Chiu P, Boons GJ. Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Asymmetrical Multi-Antennary N-Glycans to Dissect Glycan-Mediated Interactions between Human Sperm and Oocytes. Chem. Eur. J., 2018, 24, 7970-7975.

18. Prudden AR, Liu L, Capicciotti CJ, Wolfert MA, Wang S, Gao Z, Meng L, Moremen KW, Boons GJ. Synthesis of Asymmetrical Multiantennary Human Milk Oligosaccharides. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 2017, 114, 6954-6959.

17. Capicciotti CJ, Zong C, Sheikh MO, Sun T, Wells L, Boons GJ. Cell-Surface Glyco-Engineering by Exogenous Enzymatic Transfer using a Bifunctional CMP-Neu5Ac Derivative. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017, 139, 13342-13348.

16. Briard JG, Poisson JS, Turner TR, Capicciotti CJ, Acker JP, Ben RN. Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors Mitigate Red Blood Cell Lysis during Freezing, Transient Warming and Thawing. Sci. Rep., 2016 6: 23619.

15. Capicciotti CJ, Mancini RS, Turner TR, Koyama T, Alteen MG, Doshi M, Inada T, Acker JP, Ben RN. O-Aryl-Glycoside Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors as Novel Cryoprotectants: a Structure-Function Study. ACS Omega, 2016, 1, 656-662.

14. Capicciotti CJ, Kurach JDR, Turner TR, Mancini RS, Acker JP, Ben RN. Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors Enable Freezing of Human Red Blood Cells with Reduced Glycerol Concentrations. Sci. Rep., 2015, 5: 9692.

13. Tonelli D, Capicciotti CJ, Doshi M, Ben RN. Inhibiting Gas Hydrate Formation using Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors. RSC Adv., 2015, 5, 21728-21732.

12. Abraham S, Keillor K, Capicciotti CJ, Perley-Robertson GE, Keillor JW, Ben RN. Quantitative Analysis of the Efficacy and Potency of Novel Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors. Cryst. Growth Des., 2015, 15, 5034-5039.

11. Capicciotti CJ, Poisson JS, Boddy CN, Ben RN. Modulation of Antifreeze Activity and the Effect upon Post-Thaw HepG2 Cell Viability after Cryopreservation. Cryobiology, 2015, 70, 79-89.

10. Ghobadloo SM, Balcerzak AK, Gargaun A, Muharemagic D, Mironov GG, Capicciotti CJ, Briard JG, Ben RN, Berezovski MV. Carbohydrate-Based Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors Increase Infectivity and Thermostability of Viral Vectors. Sci Rep., 2014, 4: 5903.

9. van der Wal S, Capicciotti CJ, Rontogianni S, Ben RN, Liskamp RMJ. Synthesis and evaluation of linear CuAAC-oligomerized antifreeze neo-glycopeptides. MedChemComm, 2014, 5, 1159-1165.

8. Balcerzak AK, Capicciotti CJ, Briard JG, Ben RN. Designing Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors: from Antifreeze (Glyco)Proteins to Small Molecules. RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 42682-42696.

7. Corcilius L, Santhakumar G, Stone RS, Capicciotti CJ, Joseph S, Matthews JM, Ben RN, Payne RJ. Synthesis of Peptides and Glycopeptides with Polyproline II Helical Topology as Potential Antifreeze Molecules. Bioorg. Med. Chem., 2013, 21, 3569-3581.

6. Trant JF, Biggs RA, Capicciotti CJ, Ben RN. Developing Highly Active Small Molecule Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors Based upon C-Linked Antifreeze Glycoprotein Analogues. RSC Adv., 2013, 3, 26005-26009.

5. Capicciotti CJ, Doshi M, Ben RN. Ice Recrystallization Inhibitors: from Biological Antifreezes to Small Molecules”. In Recent developments in the study of recrystallization, Peter Wilson, editor. InTech: 2013, 177-224.

4. Wilkinson BL, Stone RS, Capicciotti CJ, Thaysen-Andersen M, Matthews JM, Packer NH, Ben RN, Payne RJ. Total Synthesis of Homogeneous Antifreeze Glycopeptides and Glycoproteins. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2012, 51, 3606-3610. 

3. Chaytor JL, Tokarew JM, Wu LK, Leclere M, Tam RY, Capicciotti CJ, Guolla L, von Moos E, Findlay CS, Allan DS, Ben RN.  Inhibiting Ice Recrystallization and Optimization of Cell Viability after Cryopreservation. Glycobiology, 2012, 22, 123-133. 

2. Capicciotti CJ, Leclere M, Perras FA, Bryce DL, Paulin H, Harden J, Liu Y, Ben RN. Potent Inhibition of Ice Recrystallization by Low Molecular Weight Carbohydrate-Based Surfactants and Hydrogelators. Chem. Sci., 2012, 3, 1408-1416.

1. Capicciotti CJ, Trant JF, Leclere M, Ben RN. Synthesis of C-Linked Triazole-Containing AFGP Analogues and their Ability to Inhibit Ice Recrystallization. Bioconjugate Chem., 2011, 22, 605-616.

Chantelle Capicciotti Lab

Please visit our lab website for more information:

The Capicciotti Lab is part of the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences (DBMS) and the Department of Chemistry. Our lab space is situated on the 6th floor of Botterell Hall and the 4th floor of Chernoff Hall. 

Our lab is highly interdisciplinary at the interface of chemistry and biology focussing on chemical glycobiology. We are actively recruiting students with backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, and related medical sciences or life sciences. Experience in carbohydrate chemistry or glycobiology is an asset, but is not required. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience with organic synthesis, biological assays and cell culture in the field of glycosciences.