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Fast Purification Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)

AKTA Explorer

The AKTA Explorer is designed to be compatible with a variety of chromatography columns and protein purification strategies. Available columns include Superdex 75 and 200 columns to separate small (analytical) or large (preparative) quantities of protein. Ion exchange columns including Q and SP Sepharose are available to purify proteins based on their charges. Columns containing affinity capture resins (e.g. Ni-NTA) can also be used if they have compatible fittings.

The AKTA Explorer is controlled by an external computer using the Unicorn 5.31 operating system.  The FPLC can detect protein content using UV Absorbance, and can also measure pH and conductivity for gradient-based purifications. Fractions of interest can be collected via the Frac-950. Maximum flow rate = 100 ml/min. Maximum pressure = 2 MPa (depending on the column used).


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