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Fluorolog Tau-3

Time-resolved fluorescence measurements reveal significantly more information about the kinetics of molecular processes than steady-state spectroscopy. The Fluorolog Tau-3 is a modular spectrofluorometer that can perform time-resolved fluorescence measurements (as either an excitation or emission spectrum), as well as collect reflectance spectra. Its adjustable variables are excitation wavelength(s) and emission wavelength(s), excitation and emission slit widths, sampling increment, integration time, and collection geometry (front face versus right angle collection).


For more information on this spectrofluorometer, please consult the following resource:

The Fluorolog-3 uses a 450 W xenon arc lamp, a single excitation monochromator, a sample compartment with a cuvette holder, a double emission monochromator, and a photomultiplier tube (PMT).

  • Excitation range: 240-600nm
  • Emission range: 290-850 nm
  • Photomultiplier response linearity: 2x106 cps (in photon counting mode)
  • Reference detector: stabilized Si photodiode (200-980nm)
  • Dispersion (double grating monochromator): 2.1 nm/mm
  • Slit settings (bandpass): 0-15 nm


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