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Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)


Isothermal Titration Calorimeters (ITC) measure the heat change that occurs when two
substances interact. Heat is liberated or absorbed as a result of the redistribution of
noncovalent bonds, for example, when the interacting molecules go from the free to the
bound state. An ITC mixes the binding partners and monitors these heat changes by measuring the power required to maintain zero temperature difference between the reference and
sample cells.

The reference cell usually contains water, which has the same heat capacity as most of
the sample buffers. The sample cell contains:
• one of the binding partners (often, but not necessarily a macromolecule), and
• a stirring syringe, which holds the other binding partner (often, but not necessarily
a ligand)


The MicroCal iTC200 is a highly sensitive, low volume isothermal titration calorimeter for the label-free in solution study of biomolecular interactions. It delivers direct measurement of all binding parameters in a single experiment and can analyze weak to high affinity binders, using as little as 10 µg sample.


For more information on this ITC, please consult the following resource:

  • Allows modification-free (no labels or immobilization) analysis of samples. 
  • No molecule size limits
  • Can gain insights into the mechanism of binding




Instrument use (independent use)

$5/hr up to $40/day



*Cost of instrument time + $50/hr Facility Manager time



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